Do you have any banned scripts?

Yes, for a number of reasons certain scripts and types of script are banned. It's extremely important that clients check our terms of service to stay aware of our banned scripts.

Your account will be put at risk if any of these scripts are installed/uploaded onto our servers. If in doubt, please contact our support team to ask us about any scripts which you are unsure of.

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Can I run PHP scripts anywhere on my web space?

You can run PHP scripts anywhere on your web space with the exception of the "cgi-bin".

What is the path to Python?

The path to Python on our servers is: /usr/bin/python

Is PHP ran as an Apache module or as CGI?

We run suPHP on our servers, so PHP is running as CGI.

What is the path to Perl?

The path to Perl on our servers is: /usr/bin/perl

How do I use the Ioncube loaders?

The Ioncube loaders are installed and ready for use so you don't need to do anything to use them.