Web Server Technology

Enterprise grade web servers for the best in performance

We take Web Hosting seriously and understand that if you want to provide a reliable and stable UK web hosting, you need to use top quality hardware. That's why we use high performing Dell rack mounted web servers, Dell are a proven provider of reliable server grade hardware.

We actively monitor our equipment to ensure our services run at optimum performance, our monitoring service checks our servers every minute of the day, 24/7. In the event of a service outage a member of our technical support team is paged enabling us to resolve the problem as quickly as possible.

uk web hosting servers uk web hosting servers inside uk web hosting racks in DC

Ensuring your web site is available and online is our top priority which is why we use hardware RAID disk mirroring on our web servers providing data redundancy. In the event of a hard drive failure no data is lost and your site remains online, this prevents hours of potential downtime.

To maintain the smooth running of our servers, we update the web server's software as and when updates and patches become available, unlike Windows servers our Linux servers don't require reboots each time to provide you with maximum uptime web hosting.

Enterprise Grade Rackmounted Server
2x Intel® Six Core Processors
32GB Memory
Seagate Enterprise Edition SAS HDD's
Hardware RAID
24/7 Server Monitoring
Fully Burstable 100Mbit Connection
APC Power & Remote Reboot Management
KVM over IP Remote Management Console
CloudLinux Operating System
Zend Optimizer
cPanel & WHM Hosting Control Panels
Installatron Script Installer