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I have been with UK Web Solutions Direct for 4+ years now and as well as hosting my site, they also host my domain names. In my time with UK Web.Solutions Direct I have had perfect uptime, always been informed well in advance of upgrades and technical issues and if the need ever occurred for help then the customer services was second to none.

I listen to friends complain about their hosts and I tell them about my service provider and they can't believe their ears. Excellent Customer Service-Superb Prices-Quality Servers-Great Uptime= Number 1.

Thank you so much for making it a pleasant experience.

I have been maintaining a family history website for a number of years have recently decided to go with Drupal. After uploading it to my webhosting service which was at that time an American organisation with a very flashy home page and lots of promises I discovered that I had problems.

I thought there was something wrong with my site but the response times were dreadful. Trying to maintain the site online took ages and lots of patience.

I eventually got tired of being bombarded on a daily basis with spam and special offers from them so I decided to change - and I'm so glad I did.

Since changing to UK Web Solutions Direct my poor response times have completely disappeared, your site is logically designed and looks professional - I especially like Cpanel where I can maintain my files and easily access my database.

In addition I get no unwanted spam from UKWS, although I'm still being bombarded by the previous bunch.

I'm so pleased, everything works as it should - well done!

Michael Sandes -

Still Simply The Best

I have been with UK Web Solutions Direct for 4+ years now and as well as hosting my site, they also host my domain names.

In my time with UK Web.Solutions Direct I have had perfect uptime, always been informed well in advance of upgrades and technical issues and if the need ever occurred for help then the customer services was second to none.

I listen to friends complain about their hosts and I tell them about my service provider and they can't believe their ears.

Excellent Customer Service - Superb Prices - Quality Servers - Great Uptime = Number 1

Thank you so much for making it a pleasant experience.

Raza Shah -

After needing your technical support to fix my own mistake this morning, I would like to thank your company and staff. The response to my e-mail was swift, incredibly helpful, and the representative went above and beyond to rectify my error when initial suggestions failed. Everything is now working perfectly. I've been using your company since 2004 for a variety of purposes, from blogging to forum hosting to simple file storage and have never found the service or product lacking, inefficient, or anything but excellent value for money. I will continue to recommend your company to friends and colleagues. The backups of everything, stored for two weeks, were especially helpful. I hadn't even realised the service was there, but when I needed it, it was spot on.

Your service has also just got better and better as the years have gone by, with more features added and an increasingly user-friendly system developing. This has come at absolutely no extra cost. I remain a very satisfied customer.

Cath Stinton -

I used many hosting companies when I first started out on the net, and via my old day job in IT for a large organisation - luckily for me I found UK Web Solutions Direct quite a few years ago.

I went through the usual dramas with many companies, hidden costs, and extortionate renewals and of course the big one - no communication, don't you just hate those companies with just a support email address and no reply!

UK Web Solutions Direct: I started with a one domain package - it all worked, and if I had questions, what a surprise they were answered promptly - not weeks later! Over the years I had more accounts and now have a reseller package. Why - because it just works and if I create an issue or need a question answered I can ask and UK Web Solutions Direct answer - promptly and politely, no sarcasm here, just honest good customer relations.

I honestly feel this company bends over backwards to help me and keep me happy, I now have total confidence in them and refer anyone who needs hosting to them. I used to dread asking other companies for help, information, or account changes - owing to the crap unhelpful replies with some verging on sarcasm - not here this company respects its customers. This company is based in the UK, does not hide its contact details, I feel it relies on its great customer support, be it via email, live chat, or phone. You learn these lessons over time when you have issues - save yourself a whole lot of grief and start out with the best - UKWSD. I would not even consider buying hosting, reseller, or names from anyone else - previous experience dictates I would be disappointed, with UKWSD I am always kept happy and I don't have to worry.

Nearly forgot to mention - the speed! No glitches here just high speed web sites and email. Highly recommended, never found better, don't bother going elsewhere.

Nick - A5PC.COM

I've been hosting with UKWSD for several years as a reseller. I absolutely couldn't fault them. Especially on the web, there's no lack of greed-driven companies that take a predatory view of their customers while pretending to the opposite. At the other end of the spectrum is UKWSD, and their example is something we should all aspire to in business.

I got an email from them a couple of days ago announcing the introduction of CloudLinux for shared hosting. It essentially insulates each web site from the potential effects of a spike in the resources demand of another site on the same server, making an already-stable shared-hosting environment even more stable.

In one paragraph of this email, they blow their own trumpet just a bit :-) "With the addition of CloudLinux we've further enhanced our web hosting service, without raising the cost to you. We already include premium features such as hardware spam/virus filtering and our R1Soft CDP backup system for multiple data restore points. In our opinion we provide the best value web service available, coupled with our great customer care, you're in good hands with UK Web.Solutions Direct."

I just wanted to say I agree; UKWSD is in a league of its own.

Jimmy Powdrell Campbell - Masonhost Web Design, Scotland

I just wanted to say Thank You. Paul offered an excellent swift service that got my site back on line within minutes. I was recommended to use UKWSD as they are reliable and offer great value for money. But the icing on the cake for me is the excellent friendly support staff that help and resolve queries in record time 24/7.

Great service! Keep it up guys.

Corin Hughes -

I think you guys are the best. We cancelled two other reseller hosts and moved everything to UK Web.Solutions Direct. I guess we host about 80 domains and never any downtime or problems.

David Potter -

UK Web.Solutions Direct are quite simply superb.

They have always offered an incredible level of service at a remarkable price. They have never let me down, and neither has there hosting. They are the ONLY hosting company I would ever use.

Mark Sayers -

The support we receive from UK Web.Solutions Direct is nothing short of excellent! You would expect to pay considerably more for such a personal and responsive service. On several occasions we have needed to log urgent tickets to help troubleshoot a problem (usually at our end!) and within minutes they have been back with an intelligent and helpful response. I have already recommended their services to a number of other businesses looking to build their web presence and will continue to do so.

Keep up the great work!

Paul Service -

I have been using UK Web Solutions Direct to host my domain name, and small genealogy web site for about eight years now. My site is non-commercial, and UK Web Solutions Directs HOST-1 package is perfect for my requirements. The service they provide is extremely reliable, and cost effective even for a private user such as myself.

Highly recommended!

Gary S. Crutchley -

Running a website has become a completely different experience ever since I switched to UK Web.Solutions Direct half a year ago. My website has become fast and responsive, and I have never had any complaints from my members about a slow page load. When I moved to UK Web.Solutions Direct my website was transferred for free from my previous host, with it all set up and ready to use within an hour.

I cannot falter their service, the value for money is phenomenal and for similar prices elsewhere, competitors offer much less. In terms of the support, I have never had to wait more than 15 minutes for a well-written, professional reply. One of my requirements when looking for a host was that they were using Linux servers running cPanel, and I have never seen it run so quickly. The features are endless and the unlimited sub-domains and FTP accounts provided by UK Web.Solutions Direct are an added bonus.

All in all, they provide an excellent service and deserve nothing less than 10/10. Keep up the good work!

Alexander Campbell -

Our web site had outgrown its existing server and we were in need of a company that could meet the demand the site now had and is expected to demand in the future. Having spoken to a few owners of web sites in similar arenas, it was apparent that UK Web Solutions Direct would be a worthy contender. Although everyone has concerns over moving servers, we went for it all the same.

I can honestly say that the movement of my existing site and MySql databases was so smooth I wasn't sure if we had actually moved or not. I experienced no loss in any services or email and my users are none the wiser that we have moved. I sent several queries prior to the move an all were met with not a single glitch. All in all, I am more than happy and will continue to use, and recommend this company. I wish I had found them sooner.

Carl Haslam -

As a busy web designer I have used several hosting companies to host my clients' websites. Often clients come to me with hosting space already organised and I have no option but to use what they have. This is generally OK but support tends to be patchy at times. An associate of mine recommended UK Web.Solutions Direct and I decided to recommend you to some of my clients and I must say that this has been a good decision.

One of my clients was paying excessive amounts for hosting and email services and I recommended that he move to you. We had some problems with his old hosting company during the transfer and I must say that the help and support you offered with this was second to none. I have had occasion to contact you for support on a couple of other occasions and each time I have been amazed at the speed of response.

I have many clients with a company who bill themselves as one of the largest in the UK. Their support is absolutely abysmal. When I call or email them I get responses from people who often cannot understand the most basic of problems. Currently I have been pursuing them for three months with one problem. I must say that your support is the best I have encountered and this coupled with your extremely competitive pricing makes you one of the best hosting companies around. I would have no hesitation in recommending you to anyone who needs a cost effective package with excellent support. I will certainly continue to recommend your services and I wish you all success in future.

Bryan Weir -

Having used several hosting companies, I have to say that UK Web.Solutions Direct have impressed me, both on cost and features. When I browsed through the Testimonials page, every site loaded quickly, which is what I wanted to see. The one technical query I had (the version of PHP) was answered in minutes.

Setting up the hosting for my client was pain-free, and everything worked first time - the site was up and running 45 minutes after I placed the order. As for the list of add-ons available - I am sure I will be back for more.

Stephen Phillips -

I'm just writing to thank you for the excellent service that you have provided for almost 2 years.

With quick responses to emails, normally within an hour (even at the weekends), fantastic uptime and great prices what more can anyone ask for.

I've tried other hosting companies before I came across Uk Web Solutions Direct and not one of them provided the same level of service that you have done. I now direct people towards your site anytime someone asks me who hosts my site.

Peter Muir -

I would like to say thank you for the good support and services you provide. I have been a loyal customer since 2001 and I will always recommend you to people. The team is efficient, friendly and above all reliable.

Thank you to all at UK Web Solutions Direct.

M Adatia -

Great service and great prices. I was rather worried as this is my first website. I needn't have been! Haven't had to use the Customer Service lately as have had no problems! Initial questions were dealt with very efficiently and I was up and running in no time. Site appears very fast.

Can recommend UK Web.Solutions Direct without hesitation.

Philip Cruse -

We are Vox, a public relations company (based in Swindon, Wiltshire) and as communication is our business, we need a hosting service for our own site ( that delivers maximum reliability.

This comes as standard with UK Web.Solutions Direct, along with excellent support, powerful (but easy-to-use) stats and incredible value for money.

As a company which prides itself on delivering a quality service, we don't recommend any other service unless we can speak from personal experience and say we have the utmost confidence in it.

UK Web.Solutions Direct is one of those services.

Julie Margerum -

Good low-cost reliable web hosting. All queries I have had have been answered within minutes rather than hours regardless of the time of day.

Robert Wood -

As a software engineer/web designer I am always looking for the best but have never found anyone that can offer me what I want, and after having bad experiences in the past with other companies.

Finding one that is always reliable, very cheap and very friendly and has everything I could ask for. I can not do anything but praise them. 5 star recomendation for sure.

Darren Goulston -

My only regret is that I didn't find UK Web Solutions Direct before!. I have never come across a company who seems to value their customers so much.

After spending many days of frustration trying to find / install an osCommerce eshop, I found UK Web Solutions Direct system which has Installatron - which installs osCommerce in minutes - brilliant! (with help from support for the parts I didn't understand).

I couldn't believe how my questions to support were answered so quickly and clearly. This company deserves No.1 position in all the webhosts lists in magazine. I shout loud and clear (to anyone who listens) that UK Web Solutions Direct is the best hosting company for value, service and support - what more could one ask?

Alistair Martin -

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