Improve your Sender Reputation by Managing Bounce Rates Through ZeroBounce

Posted by Andrei on October 18, 2017 in Company News, Security, Web Hosting


Managing your brand through email marketing can be difficult, especially when it comes to email deliverability. It’s the most important part of your email marketing efforts ‐ to get the email in the hands of your current and potential customers. According to the Radicati Group, Inc. over 100 billion emails are sent and received every day. However, due to low sender scores 70% of those emails sent will not land in the inbox. High bounce rates can tarnish your brand, cause you to lose business and leave your customers in the dark.

Once you hit “send” your email must go through checkpoints to filter out spam. Anyone of those points can prevent your email from being delivered. Deliverability is not only a challenge for you, but for hosting companies as well. Removing invalid emails is a crucial part of managing bounced emails and can improve deliverability all around (hosting and ESPs).

UKWSD partners with ZeroBounce* to validate email lists, improve deliverability, and in‐turn improve your sender reputation. ZeroBounce validates emails through:

  Email bounce detection ‐ removes invalid emails from your list to prevent email bounces

  Email abuse and spam trap detection ‐ removes know email complainers and spam traps

  Email data append ‐ appends missing data such as first and last name, gender, location, city, state/region, and country when the registration IP is provided.

ZeroBounce works with ESPs and ISPs to provide a seamless interaction while avoiding pitfalls of each checkpoint that the email must go through to arrive in the customer’s inbox. This can help increase the 85% average (in all industries) inbox placement rate by managing bounce rates to drive more business and reach your customers.

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