Improve your Sender Reputation by Managing Bounce Rates Through ZeroBounce

Posted by Andrei on October 18, 2017 in Company News, Security, Web Hosting

Hosters, Managing your brand through email marketing can be difficult, especially when it comes to email deliverability. It’s the most important part of your email marketing efforts ‐ to get the email in the hands of your current and potential customers. According to the Radicati Group, Inc. over 100 billion emails are sent and received […]

Domain price increases

Posted by Andrei on August 24, 2016 in Company News, Domain Names

In November 2015, Nominet, the official registry for .UK domain names, announced that it would be raising its wholesale domain costs by 50% starting with March 2016. In addition to increased registry costs from Nominet, we’re also facing increased registry costs for all other international domains (i.e. .COM) due to the continued fall of the […]

Potential vBulletin Exploit v4.1+ and v5+

Posted by Andrei on September 04, 2013 in Company News

News release from vBulletin Forum: A potential exploit vector has been found in the vBulletin 4.1+ and 5+ installation directories. vBulletin developers are investigating this issue at this time. If deemed necessary vBulletin will release the necessary patches to secure your install. In order to prevent this issue on your vBulletin sites it is recommended […]

Joomla! Security update – upgrade to 2.5.14 or 3.1.5

Posted by Andrei on September 04, 2013 in Company News

Taken from the Joomla! Developer website, this is a critical update to secure your Joomla Web hosting. Severity: Critical Versions: 2.5.13 and earlier 2.5.x versions. 3.1.4 and earlier 3.x versions. Exploit type: Unauthorised Uploads Reported Date: 2013-June-25 Fixed Date: 2013-July-31 Description of the Joomla security vulnerability Inadequate filtering leads to the ability to bypass file […]

Web server improvements for Miami and Thor

Posted by Andrei on May 21, 2013 in Company News

We’ve had some performance issues recently with both web servers Miami and Thor, we don’t like problems and neither do our customers so we’re taking action and will be migrating both web hosting servers to brand new hardware.  The new web servers will be enterprise grade hardware giving a huge jump in performance, they will […]

Coming Soon – New Look Customer Portal

Posted by Andrei on May 17, 2013 in Company News

At UK Web.Solutions Direct we’re always working hard behind the scenes to improve the service that we provide to our valued customers, right now we’re making improvements to the the front-end customer experience of our website and will be rolling out a new update to our Support Centre and Customer Portal in the coming months. We […]

ClamAV Anti-virus scanner

Posted by Andrei on May 14, 2013 in Company News

We’ve added the ClamAV anti-virus scanner to our both our Web hosting and Reseller hosting plans,  ClamAV provides you with the option to scan your web space and email for harmful virus.   You access ClamAV from your cPanel control panel and it’s located under the Advanced section, just click on the Anti-Virus icon and […]

cPanel Web Hosting server updates

Posted by Andrei on January 02, 2013 in Company News

Web Hosting service improvements As we embark on a fresh year, we’re starting off by by completing our cPanel web hosting server migration.   As part of our commitment to provide rock solid UK Web Hosting we’ve been migrating our older web servers to brand new Dell hardware to keep all customers in line with new […]

UK Web hosting service page redesign

Posted by Andrei on April 11, 2012 in Company News

To enhance our website and make it easier to use we did a bit of a rework of the layout for our UK web hosting page to help make it easier to see exactly what features you get with your web hosting plan, the new cleaner design has better laid out tables and less images […]

Thank you!

Posted by Andrei on December 29, 2011 in Company News

From all at UK Web Solutions Direct we would like to take this opportunity to thank our customers for their support and business this last year, 2011 has been an important milestone for us as we had our 10th Birthday plus we’ve made substantial hardware and software improvements to our web hosting platform. During 2011 […]

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