Network & Datacentre

Premium UK Hosting Network for the best web hosting experience

Our web servers are housed in our own datacenter in Manchester, UK. The M247 Ltd Datacentre features world class resilient infrastructure including multiple levels of 24/7 security, stable high-capacity power supplies, fire protection and environmental controls.

Our network is fully redundant and has been built using the latest Cisco routing hardware along with HP and Dell switching equipment. Utilising HSRP (Hot Standby Redundancy Protocol) on our routers and rSTP (Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol) on our switches, which along with duplicating all core infrastructure provides hitless failover in case of a hardware failure to ensure world-class uptimes.

The importance of having your website hosted inside the same Country as your target audience is critical for your web success. Firstly, your visitors are going have as little latency as possible which means that your site is going to load as quickly as it can for them. Secondly, being on UK hosted servers will improve your UK search engine rankings with search engines such as Google. Google will look at the UK IP address and determine that your website is relevant to the UK audience which can help improve your web traffic.

Datacentre Pictures

Below are some pictures of our facility, please click on an image to view a larger version.

M247 Head Office Campus at Trafford Park, Manchester M247 Datacentre Internal Power Supply Power Supply

UK Datacentre Features

Datacentre Specification
Location M247 Ltd Datacentre, Manchester. England.
Site Area Two-building dedicated campus with 450 rack capacity
Staffing 24/7 on-site qualified technical support personnel
Power Dual dedicated 6,600V (HV) connections via diverse feeders from primary substation
Two dedicated HV substations on-site within secure plant compound
N+1 diesel stand-by generators with 7 day on-site fuel supply at full load, with 4hr fuel resupply agreement with local fuel depot
2N diverse UPS systems
Cooling 2N high efficiency Air Exchange system and CRAC cooling
Connectivity Dual fibre entry through dedicated private ducts
Resilient dark fibre connectivity with over 8 European locations
Dark fibre, managed DWDM wavelengths, MPLS backhaul circuits, and local BGP connectivity with multiple on-site independent carriers
Security 2.4m security fence around full perimeter
Perimeter and internal digital IP ICCTV system with digitally controlled motion sensors and flood lighting
Proximity access locks on all external and internal doors
Environment Outside the flood plain of any rivers or coast, and outside any Environment Agency Flood Warning Area
Management Comprehensive centralised intelligent Building Management System (BMS), covering all Power, Cooling and Environmental systems detailed above

Hosting Suite Specification
Datacentre Flooring 600mm x 600mm heavy duty anti-static raised flooring with under-floor void
Power Power delivery to equipment via A+B power distribution system at 230V
BMS monitoring of power draw and power factor, and central reporting and alerting on breaker trip status
Contained cold aisle design for high efficiency cooling
Management BMS monitoring of air flow, temperature and humidity status, and central reporting and alerting on any down flow unit fault alarms
Fire Suppression Fire protection to all hosting suites
Double knock zoned fire detection system
Very Early Smoke Detection Apparatus (VESDA)
FM200 gas-based fire suppression systems
Security Proximity access locks on all internal doors
Internal CCTV coverage of hosting suites