The advantages of Intallatron

Posted by Andrei on August 24, 2011 in Installatron

Installatron is a great addition to our web hosting platform plus it’s free with our shared web hosting and reseller hosting plans.  Installatron takes the effort out of installing applications so it makes the webmasters job that little bit easier, if you can save 15 minutes on an install then that’s got to be good […]

Providing UK Web Hosting for over 10 years

Posted by Andrei on August 10, 2011 in Company News

We’re very proud to say that we’ve been providing premium UK Web Hosting for over 10 years, it’s quiet a mile stone for any company so we just had to shout about it here 😉 Over the last 10 years we’ve grown in size and expanded our service offerings, we’ve always strived to provide our […]

What’s my IP address?

Posted by Andrei on August 09, 2011 in Web Hosting

On occasion our support team need to know your IP address to help troubleshoot your support ticket, to help you provide that information we’ve added a section to our customer support section that will easily provide that information for you: All you then need to do is add your IP to your support ticket […]

concrete 5.4.2

Posted by Andrei on August 09, 2011 in Installatron

concrete has been updated and the new version  concrete 5.4.2 is now available via your cPanel control panel using Installatron. We recommend that you update your install to keep your web applications secure and up to date.

Brute for protection on web hosting accounts

Posted by Andrei on August 05, 2011 in Web Hosting

This is a reminder that we run brute force protection on our web hosting service. Brute force protection safe guards your web hosting account from hackers trying to crack your web hosting account passwords, once a set limit of failures is reached the IP address attempting access is blocked. We’re seeing an increasing number of […]

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