What’s my IP address?

Posted by Andrei on August 09, 2011 in Web Hosting

On occasion our support team need to know your IP address to help troubleshoot your support ticket, to help you provide that information we’ve added a section to our customer support section that will easily provide that information for you: http://ukwebsolutionsdirect.co.uk/portal/index.php

All you then need to do is add your IP to your support ticket when requested, and our support team will be able to work on your ticket for you.


Types of IP addresses


Dynamic IP Address

An IP address that is not static and could change at any time. This IP address is issued to you from a pool of IP addresses allocated by your ISP or DHCP Server. This is for a large number of customers that do not require the same IP Address all the time for a variety of reasons. Your computer will automatically get this number as it logs on to the network and saves you the trouble of having to know details regarding the specific network configurations. This number can be assigned to anyone using a dial-up connection, Wireless and High Speed Internet connections.

Static IP Address

An IP address that is fixed and never changes. some ISP’s will provide a static IP address, normally packages aimed at business customers.

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