The advantages of Intallatron

Posted by Andrei on August 24, 2011 in Installatron


Installatron is a great addition to our web hosting platform plus it’s free with our shared web hosting and reseller hosting plans.  Installatron takes the effort out of installing applications so it makes the webmasters job that little bit easier, if you can save 15 minutes on an install then that’s got to be good news right!

Installing web applications couldn’t be easier!

Installatron is literally a point and click web application installer, you login to your cPanel control panel and access your Installatron web panel from there. Once logged in, you’re presented with the list of applications available for install, from here you’re seconds away from installing your chosen program.

Keeping your web hosting applications up to date

For security and performance, it’s important that you keep your web applications up to date, the software developers will release patches and updates as time goes by both for security patches and performance/feature enhancements.  Not only is Intsallatron great for installing applications, but it’s also good for keeping them up to date.  Updating is just a few clicks of the mouse, keeping your web hosting account secure and up to date.

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