SSL Certificates FAQ

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SSL Certificates FAQ

What is SSL?

SSL (Secure Socket Layer) is the industry-standard for secure online transactions. It is used to transmit data safely over the internet by creating an encrypted link between a web server and a browser.

When visitors access your web site via SSL, your web server certificate makes a small padlock appear on their web browser, letting them know that their online transaction is encrypted and most importantly safe.

Does SSL work with all web browsers?

All our SSL certificates work with the vast majority of web browsers including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Google Chrome and Safari.

The proportion of people using browsers which aren't compatible with our SSL certificates is tiny at around 1%, as our certificates comply with industry standards you'll encounter this problem with any SSL certificate provider.

Which SSL certificate do I need for my website?

Each customer is different, both in needs and budget so we can't make an exact recommendation, but here's some examples:

  • I've just started a new hobby website
    If you're not running a business and just want to secure your hobby site then our basic SSL, Alpha SSL, could be what you need. It gives you essential security and encryption although there's no underwritten warranty and you won' be able to display the highly-recognisable GlobalSign seal on your website.

  • I've recently launched my own online business
    For any commercial enterprise we recommend one of the options that let you display the GlobalSign seal. This is instantly recognisable to your visitors and offers real reassurance. For a new business, our Domain SSL probably strikes the right balance between price and features.

  • My business website is well-established, busy and growing
    You'l probably be wanting our Organisational SSL or for the highest level of checks on your identity, Extended SSL. Both are really secure, but Extended SSL adds the green bar to your site. That's ideal if you want to offer extra reassurance to your site visitors.

  • I want the best security I can get for my website
    There's only one choice in this scenario, our Extended SSL. The vetting process for this SSL certificate is comprehensive, and it gives your visitors greater confidence through the green browser bar. This is our top of the range SSL certificate and is packed with features to keep your site secure.