Domain Name Transfer

Use your existing domain with our web hosting

You can transfer your domain name from your current provider over to our control. Once transferred, you can benefit from having your domain(s) and hosting under one billing account with us to help simplify the management and billing of your services.

Enter the domain name you would like to transfer into the search box below so we can check its availability for you, if it's available for transfer you can proceed to order or you can search again.

Domain Pricing

Below you will find the pricing and domain name types that we're able to manage. Don't worry if your domain name isn't on the list as you can still use it with our web hosting, you would just need to keep the domain name with your existing registrar and update the domain nameserver records to ours.

If you are looking to use your domain name for email, website hosting or custom DNS records then you will need a web hosting plan. Our web hosting packages are feature packed and provide you with plenty of web space.

How does the domain transfer process work?

The process to complete your domain transfer depends on the type of domain, please read the instructions below in full before starting your domain transfer.

UK Domain Transfers

There is no charge for UK domain transfers, whether you're moving your domain to our control or transferring it away.

The transfer process for UK domain names is simple and can be completed in a matter of minutes. Upon completion of your order you need to instruct your domain provider to change the domain Registrar Tag to UKWSD, once this has been done we have control of the domain and we will confirm by email.

Step by Step Guide

  1. Order your domain transfer online
  2. Instruct your domain provider to change the domains Registrar Tag to UKWSD.
  3. We will email you to confirm once the process is complete.

Non-UK Domain Transfers

All gTLD domain transfers incur a small fee, this is charged at our standard 1 year registration fee for gTLD domains. The fee is applicable as we are required by the domain registrar to extend the registration period of the domain when it's transferred to a new registrar.

When you order the domain name transfer an automated transfer request email will be sent to the domains admin contact, this request needs to be authorised by the admin contact in order for the transfer to proceed.

If you are not listed as the admin contact we recommended that you make that person aware of the transfer so that the transfer can be authorised on your behalf. To speed up the transfer process we recommend that you have your domain provider change the Administrative contact email for the domain to ours which is [email protected], this enables to authorise the transfer for you.

NOTE: We cannot transfer domains that are less than 60 days old, if you registered your domain within the last 60 days please wait until after 60 days before starting a transfer to us.

Step by Step Guide

  1. Request that your domain provider unlock the domain and provide you with the authorisation key (EPP Key).
  2. Order your domain transfer online.
  3. Admin contact needs to accept the transfer when the approval email arrives.
  4. We will email you to confirm once the process is complete.

Domain Add-ons

You can add the following extras to your domain name order. If you already have domain names registered with us and wish to add any of these extras please contact the sales team who will be able to advise on pricing.

Addon Setup Monthly Annually
Domain Privacy - Non-UK Domains FREE - £3.50
Domain Privacy - UK Domains FREE - FREE

Accredited Registrar

UK Web.Solutions Direct is an accredited registrar with Nominet. Domain Names purchased through UK Web.Solutions Direct belong to and are registered to you. Before purchasing your .uk domain name please read the Nominet terms and conditions which apply.