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Do you offer unlimited web space?

No we don't and the reason is simple, it's not possible. You will see other web hosting providers offering "unlimited" web space but they're simply overselling a service that they can not provide. We don't oversell our web hosting as doing so leads to overcrowded servers, overcrowded servers bring a degrade in service performance and reliability.

Can I upgrade my web hosting plan if I need to?

Sure, that's no problem! You can upgrade your web hosting plan from your secure client area at any time, it's all done online and there's no interruption to your service so your website hosting is unaffected.

How do I manage my hosting account?

Your new web hosting account has a powerful online control panel called cPanel, once logged in you can fully manage your website hosting plan online. Should you get stuck, we have a range of tutorials to help you through the basics.

Do you offer free domain names with your hosting?

We don't offer free domains, unfortunately there's nothing really free in this world and we're open and honest with our customers with no hidden fees and upfront pricing. Domain names have a cost to the web host so if you're getting a free domain as part of a hosting plan, then that cost will be included into the web hosting plan, it's just a marketing spin and we would rather not operate in that way.

Can I host more than one website on my hosting account?

Multiple-domain hosting is supported on our HOST-2 plan and up, this allows you to host more than one website within your webspace. For details please see our web hosting page. Of course with our reseller hosting, you can host unlimited domains within your account.

Does my UK Web Hosting include free pre-installed scripts?

Our shared and reseller web hosting plans both include Installatron which gives you over 60 pre-installed applications. You access the Installatron script management console from your cPanel control panel, another great feature included with our UK web hosting solutions.

Do you take backups of my website?

Keeping your data safe is one of our top priorities so we take two different types of backup to ensure you're fully covered. The first backup is the standard cPanel backup which is performed on the web server itself, then we have our Idera CDP Backups system which will take a full server backup to one of our separate backup servers.

Are you able to copy my site over from my existing web host?

If your current web host uses cPanel, then you can create a full backup of your account. If you provide a link to where we can download this then we can copy your account over for you, all your account settings would be the same including MySQL and Email.

Are there any gains to going with a UK Hosting provider over a USA based one?

There are two real advantages with choosing a UK hosting company over a web host with servers in a different Country. Firstly, your website will load quicker as there's less latency, the closer you are to your website the faster it's going to be. Secondly, you will be on a UK IP address which is great for Google if you're targeting the UK audience, always host the website in the same Country as your visitors.