Enterprise Web Hosting Backups

Protecting your data with multiple restore points with Idera

We understand that your data is important to you which is why we take the job of looking after it very seriously. We've partnered with Idera to bring you Continuous Data Protection (CDP) for your web space, this provides you with full data protection in the event of data loss i.e. you accidentally delete a file or be it complete hardware failure.

CDP Backups

Restore Files Easily

One of the best advantages you will notice with our backup system is that you can restore files via your cPanel control panel, this saves you time as you can restore your data within minutes instead of having to raise a support ticket.

To restore a file you need login to the Idera CDP manager from within your cPanel, you will to need to accept the SSL certificate at first but you can have your web browser store this to speed up future logins. It's a file manager type system so you just find the file you wish to restore, tick the selection box and click restore.

Multiple Snapshots of Your Data

We take a backup of the web server your account is hosted on each day with the Idera CDP backup system, we retain the backups for two weeks giving you a total of 7 restore points for your data.

It's this data retention that gives you true flexibility in restoring your files, sometimes a single daily backup is not enough which is why we provide this layer of protection of a full week of data coverage for our customers.