WHM Control Panel

Create and manage your own web hosting accounts

WHM Reseller Hosting

WHM is one of the most powerful Reseller Hosting control panels on the market and is nice and easy to use. WHM enables you to become your own web host without any server management knowledge as all the hard work is done for you; tasks such as creating accounts, viewing your customers usage are all done with just a few clicks of the mouse.

Creating Web Hosting Accounts

WHM Reseller Hosting Account WHM

You're in full control so you can create new accounts in real time as and when you need them. Before you can create new accounts you must first create your account plans, this is where you set the package limits for each package such as how much disk space you're going to give. You can create as many account plans as you need.

cPanel Branding

Each account you create has it's own control panel called cPanel, this allows the end user to manages the account. You can brand the cPanel control panel to give you a professional image by adding your company details/graphics to the header and footer.

WHM Reseller Banding Editor

WHM Screenshots

WHM Reseller Account Functions WHM Reseller Account Creation Modify your web hosting accounts