SpamExperts FAQ

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SpamExperts FAQ

Incoming email is protected by our SpamExperts Anti-Spam/Virus filtering hardware, we have compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions below to give you some extra information on this service.

How do I add new domains to the spam filtering system?

All new shared hosting accounts from May 2007 have the SpamExperts Anti-Spam/Virus service enabled. For any account ordered prior to May 2007 the SpamExperts service is available FREE on an opt-in basis, to have it enabled on your account all you need to do is contact our sales team and request SpamExperts is enabled.

Once your domain is added all your email addresses/aliases you create are added to the system for you automatically.

What is a daily digest?

Your daily digest details any email that has been filtered as SPAM, you can view the message and release it to your inbox if required.

What time will I get my daily digest?

The digests are emailed out each morning at 5am.

Why do I sometimes get two daily digests?

For redundancy we use two SpamExperts appliences, one for MX1 and one for MX2. This means that you may get two daily digests if SPAM is trapped by both appliences.

Where is my digest email sent to?

Each mailbox user or email alias will receive a digest email detailing the spam that has been filtered from that particular email address only. For this reason we recommend that you do not use the default/catch all address as this only increases the volume of spam you will receive, it's better to only allow incoming email to the addresses/aliases you have created.

A digest will only be sent if that email address has had any spam filtered, if you don't receive a digest then that email address didn't have any email filtered as spam.

I use a third party mailserver can I use this SpamExperts service?

No, you need to be using our mailserver to take advantage of our SpamExperts Anti-Spam/Virus service.

How long do the emails filtered as spam remain in quarantine?

Any email flagged as spam will be held on our SpamExperts mailserver for 15 days, if you have not "released" the email within this time then it's automatically deleted so that's all taken care of for you.

The spam in quarantine does not count towards your accounts web space usage, this means you don't need to worry about unwanted spam filling up your email inbox quota anymore.

What do I do if SPAM still get's through to my inbox?

The great thing about the SpamExperts hardware appliance is that it's updated every 5 minutes with new SPAM/Virus signatures so that new SPAM/Virus outbreaks can be stopped. Should any SPAM make it's way to your inbox you can report it to SpamExperts directly so they can analyze it to prevent further SPAM.

There are two ways to report SPAM:

  • Forward the spam to [email protected]
  • Other options can be found here,
  • How do I remove the SpamExperts service from my account?

    You can opt-out again at any time, simply contact our sales team and request SpamExperts is disabled for your account.