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UK Reseller Hosting FAQ

What is a reseller hosting plan?

A reseller hosting plan is basically a large web hosting account, ordinarily used for breaking down into smaller individual web hosting accounts for reselling, but you can use a reseller plan as one large hosting account if you wish.

You manage your reseller account through your reseller control panel (WHM), each web hosting account you create has it's own end user control panel (cPanel).

Do I have to resell hosting to purchase a reseller plan?

No, you don't need to resell the web hosting space to purchase a reseller account. You can simply use a reseller account to host your own websites.

How do I create web hosting accounts?

You have two control panels with your reseller account, cPanel and WHM. WHM is your main reseller control panel and it's here that you create the hosting accounts that you need. Before you can create a hosting account, you need to first of all define and create your hosting plans, then you create a hosting account based on your chosen plan limits.

Do your reseller plans come with private nameservers?

Yes, private Nameservers come as standard. We create them as but you can create custom nameservers as required.

I've seen cheap reseller hosting elsewhere, why does yours cost more than theirs?

Just like any product or service you can get cheap reseller hosting, but it means that corners have been cut to provide the service at that price point. With our reseller plans we give 20GB web space plenty of bandwidth to go with it, and some web hosting providers give as little as 3GB. Don't forget that email accounts and databases take up web space and they can grow over time, we put together a usable reseller hosting package that you can grow with either hosting your own web sites or reselling hosting.

What are the advantages of reseller hosting?

Our UK reseller hosting plans are ideal for web designers and webmasters; you can host and manage all your websites under one reseller account for one price instead of paying for multiple shared hosting accounts which saves you money. Another great feature is that you can new hosting accounts in real time as and when you need them.

What are my options if I outgrow my UK reseller hosting account?

There may come a point when you outgrow your reseller account, be it that you have a couple of high traffic websites that need more CPU or you simply need more web space.

Don't worry as there's options available, the first step up is our managed VPS hosting giving you a dedicated hosting platform with your own CPU and Memory resources

Another option would be a managed dedicated server. Our VPS and dedicated servers both come with cPanel and are fully managed by us, we migrate your reseller account across for you and you just treat it like it was a large (and powerful) reseller account.