Why to register more than one domain name

Posted by Andrei on August 30, 2016 in Domain Names

Everybody wants to have a website or an online presence of some sort, whether is for a personal use or for their business. We have blogs, photo galleries, portfolio websites, eCommerce sites or company websites. In the past, most people would only purchase one domain name, but the trend is now changing, with more and more people registering more than one domain.

If you register multiple domain names for your business, then you can better protect your brand name (for e.g. by purchasing multiple domain extension for your brand name). However, there are many companies that register additional domains just for expanding their online reach. So, here’s why you should register more than one domain.

To expand your online presence and brand. Most companies offer different ranges of products or services, so, by having additional domain names, you can promote these by targeting a specific audience even better. That’s why many people and businesses own more than one domain name, so that they can take advantage of other extensions to promote certain products or services. That means you can promote specific products or services by developing unique websites for them and this would require registering another domain name. There are many companies, such as Microsoft or Coca-Cola, that registered hundreds or even thousands of domain names, mainly because they understood the importance of expanding their brand in this really affordable way.

To avoid typo errors. This is yet another reason to register additional domains, so that you can cover any potential loss of visitors to your website as a result of type in errors. Just find out what are the most common typo errors your visitors search and then set up proper redirects to your correct website for miss-spellings of your main domain. This means that you’ll get more and more traffic to your website, plus prevent competitors from registering and using them. Many businesses do this already, e.g. Amazon has registered a huge number of miss-spellings of their main domain name, like amazpn.com and amzon.com.

To separate corporate information. Finally, you should register additional domain names if you need another website for providing corporate information about your company, such as the necessary information for investors. All companies should have this kind of information available online, but most of the time it isn’t necessary for potential customers to see it when they access your main website. That’s why some companies choose to have a specific website entirely dedicated to their sustainability commitments, as Nike did. In addition to their main nike.com, they own a well targeted site that focuses on sustainability practices.

These are just a few reasons why you should choose to register more than one domain. The fact is that multiple domain names increases your chances of being listed on search engines and this is essential in our days.

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