Essential elements for every eCommerce website

Posted by Andrei on December 23, 2016 in How To's

We live in the age of eCommerce sites, a time when you have to opt for an eCommerce platform if you want to exist on the internet as a retailer. Do you think your online shop has what it takes in this ever-changing world of technologies?

Here are a few key elements that your eCommerce website must have if you’d like your customers not only to “add to bag” your products but also to “finalize” their order.

Sales and Special Offers. Always have something on sale or a specific offer on your online shop. This is a must for every eCommerce site. More than that, your customers need to know about them as soon as possible, that’s why you should always advertise these offers on homepage. With every special deal, you can grab your customer attention in a matter of seconds.

Simple Navigation. A good eCommerce website should have a certain flow so that the moment you access it, you’ll feel transported on a journey through a shop with great products. In the same time, you can easily checkout and finalize your shopping. So, your online store needs to be simple to navigate, with a checkout page or a login button that can be easily found.  The common trend right now is to put the shopping bag, search button and login icon at the top of the page so your customers can see them as soon as possible.

Customer Service. Things can go wrong at any moment, that’s why is a must to have a great Customer Service team ready to handle everything in a matter of seconds. You can choose to have an instant chat or a phone number that’s easy to find on your website. Both these options have one thing in common: a dedicated and efficient support team, always prepared to handle everything that comes in.

Website Security. Recent events showed how important is the security of your online store. So, reassure your customers by setting up an eCommerce site with a state of the art security system. This way, your customers will trust your business with their credit cards and bank account when they decide to purchase products from your online shop.

User Testimonials. It’s well known that honest reviews form real customers will make other customers trust even more your services and products. Moreover, these testimonials can give valuable feedback about a product so that you can change it or make it better. Let your users talk freely on your site and you’ll give an authentic feeling to your online store.

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