Simple ways to measure customers satisfaction

Posted by Andrei on September 06, 2016 in How To's

Most of the time, you can’t count on your customers to give you any kind of feedback. Some of them see no reason to contact a certain service provider while others want to pass their complaints.

But if you wonder how satisfied are your customers and want to find out exactly how they feel about your service or product, then here are some ideas to accurately measure customers satisfaction.

Survey your customers. This traditional way will always help you understand better what your customers think. Provide surveys through emails and phone calls and repeat them over time, so you can measure what changed in their testimonials.

Track exit rates. Exit rates measure the percentage of visitors that view a particular web page, including sessions that started with other pages. By measuring these kind of tracking rates, you may find out what you can improve or what you’re doing right.

Pay attentions to reviews. Always google your company so you can find all the comments and reviews about it on sites such as Yelp. On these various sites you can read what your customers are saying about you. Also, you can always set up an account so that you can reply and engage with the site visitors.

Offer discounts. Most of the times customers never bother to complete a survey if they get nothing in return. You can either have a contest for the survey respondents to participate or offer discount codes to get more responses and better results.

Monitor the customer service. If the phone is where most of your customer service is happening, then it’s important to start monitoring the customer service exchanges. Don’t forget that you have to let your customers know their calls are being recorded. Monitoring the phone calls gives you the chance to listen in on customer service interactions, so you can find out how your employees handle a variety of situations.

Use Net Promoter Score. A Net Promoter Score is another way to measure customer satisfaction. By using a scale of 1-10, you can ask your customers how likely they would be to recommend your business to others.

Set up web alerts. Web alerts can be a very efficient way for you to receive a notification every time someone mentions your business online. Use related keywords to alert you when people use certain phrases related to your business.

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