Learn from failed websites and blogs

Posted by Andrei on July 28, 2016 in How To's

One of the best way we can learn is from other businesses failure. An important step in creating your website or blog is to review your competition. Sometimes, even the biggest companies fail and is vital to avoid the same mistakes. If you’re trying to be a successful blogger or business owner, start learning from the mistakes of others.

Never stop learning. Don’t make the mistake in thinking you already know everything you need to know. You should always try to learn new things and improve your skills set. Also, read as much as you can on the latest techniques and strategies in the world of marketing, blogging, and social media. You can do this by following trending blogs or marketing specialists for useful tips. Always keep your business social media up to date and make sure your information is updated, such as your “about” section, your photos, and your media kit.

Don’t be vague, contradictory or inauthentic. One of the reasons other businesses failed had to do with being vague about their commitments, showing a fake or insincere content to users or customers and being contradictory. We cannot stress enough how important is to have an authentic and honest website. If you are insincere, your users will find out and lose trust in you and your brand. Contradicting and having to retract later makes your brand look bad.

Also, changing your position on something or seeming false in your attempts will drive customers away. Transparency, showing decisiveness, making your philosophies and commitments known are important for engaging and retaining customers. Always decide how much you are willing to share so that you can remain honest and clear.

Always exercise due diligence and don’t belittle. Another mistake made by others in the past was to accuse someone in an article without doing their homework first. If you mislead people, you’ll lose customers for not doing your due diligence. Also, belittling others will cost you important users.

In conclusion, be sure to always stay updated, never use fake content and do your research before taking one side or another.

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