phpbb 3.0.10 now available

Posted by Andrei on January 03, 2012 in Installatron

The great community forum web application phpBB has been updated in Installatron, we recommend that you login to your cPanel control panel and perform the update ASAP to update your phbBB install to the lastest version to ensure your account is secure and up to date. NEW Version phpbb 3.0.10 Here’s the full changelog from […]

phpbb 3.0.9

Posted by Andrei on July 12, 2011 in Installatron

phpBB has had the update treatment via Installatron today, it’s now available to install version 3.0.9 and we recommend that you update your existing installs as always. phpBB is one of the most used (free) forums and it’s very popular with our web hosting customers, offering high performance web forums and is very customisable. With […]

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