Facebook to Require SSL Certificate – Effective Oct 1st 2011

Posted by Andrei on September 29, 2011 in Web Hosting

Facebook SSL

Facebook SSL Certificates

From October 1st 2011 Facebook will require a valid SSL Certificate for all pages and applications that are hosted on web space outside of Facebook, without an SSL Facebook embedded content will not be seen.


What is an SSL Certificate?

An SSL certificate is a security certificate. SSL stands for Secure Socket Layers, but it’s really just a way to encrypt digital information. If you have an SSL certificate it means that your website protects a user’s private information. SSL has been traditionally been used with online stores that processes card payments or collects customers information.


Why is Facebook making the change to SSL?

This is simply another step for Facebook to protect you from having your personal information hijacked. Making Facebook more secure has been at the top of their list due to the more sophisticated programs being used hack into Facebook accounts, SSL will provide an additional layer of security.


What this means to you

If you’re a business owner with a Facebook business page you will need an SSL certificate if your Facebook page contains embedded content from your website. Any links on your website linking to Facebook will need to be updated to reflect the https:// vs. the http:// and vice versa if you do get an SSL Certificate.


Where to get a Facebook SSL Certificate and how much it will it cost?

We have a range of affordable SSL certificates starting from only £22+VAT per year, there’s also multiple year discounts to save even more money. For full details on the range of SSL certificates that we offer please visit our website: http://ukwebsolutionsdirect.co.uk/ssl-certificates.php

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