How important is it to use UK Web Hosting?

Posted by Andrei on July 18, 2011 in Web Hosting

So how important is it to use UK Web Hosting I hear you ask, there’s a few important factors that come into play and I will do my best to cover them here for you.  Firstly when considering a new Web hosting provider is “do I want a fast web hosting service?”  If you’re in the UK and your target audience is in the UK, then quiet simply, so should your web host.

UK Web Hosting is faster

Speed is everything when it comes to web hosting, Google now takes this into consideration when ranking sites and believe me, if you want web traffic you will use every advantage that you can get.  For example, if you have two web hosting providers running the same high end servers, one is UK web hosting and the other USA web hosting, which one is faster for your UK visitors? The answer is simple, the UK web hosting provider and it’s all down to latency.  The further your web hosting location is from your target audience the greater the distance to deliver those data packets, which results in slower loading web pages.

UK IP Addresses can be an advantage for SEO

The second thing to consider is Geographic IPs.  Now why would these be important? Well, we’re coming back to Google again but if you want web traffic then Google is king.  UK Web Hosting providers will be using  UK IP addresses, this will rank higher in the UK search engines than a website using a USA IP for example. Google will rank a UK IP address higher as they consider it more relevant for the UK audience, which makes sense really and another reason to use a UK Web Hosting provider, like us 😉

UK Web Hosting

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