Parking domains with your UK web hosting

Posted by Andrei on March 07, 2012 in Web Hosting

For some people one domain name is enough for their website, but for a business web site  you may want to consider securing your domain names across the various TLD’s, for example if you’re a UK business you may already have, but to protect your brand it’s advisable to also purchase / etc.

Once you’ve purchased your domains, you now need to link them to your UK Web Hosting space, this is when you park your domain.

Domain parking is done in two stages:

1) Park the domain from your cPanel control panel i.e.
– Once logged into your cpanel, navigate to the “DOMAINS” section and click on “PARKED DOMAINS”.

2) Change the DNS on the new domain to the nameservers of the account you’re parking it on.

If you’re not sure of the nameservers you can view this from your Customer Portal(, once logged in go to the “My Services & Domains” menu, click on the “Products & Services” option to view a lsit of your services. Find the service you need the details for and click the “Manage” button. You will now see all the details for the selected service.

Once you’re domains are parked and DNS has propagated across the Internet, viewers of all domains will see the same web site that you’ve uploaded to your UK Web Hosting space.

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