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Posted by Andrei on March 26, 2012 in Web Hosting

cPanel Announces Bundling of SEO Tools by Attracta

Some good news for you web masters out there, cPanel, the leading Web Hosting Control Panel Software provider, announced at its annual conference that Attracta’s Free Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Tools will become a standard feature in future cPanel releases.

cPanel powers the web hosting industry with its point-and-click software that automates the provisioning and management of websites.  The tens of millions of website owners who host their websites with cPanel’s hundreds of hosting partners use cPanel’s easy-to-use interface to manage every aspect of their websites. The bundling of Attracta adds the ability to easily manage their search engine presence with point-and-click SEO Tools.

As the Internet matures, and more businesses have websites, two things are happening:  the web hosting industry is getting more competitive, and it’s getting harder for website owners to make their sites stand out.  Attracta’s SEO Tools help solve both of these problems through giving web hosts a way to be more competitive by providing their customers with the tools to more effectively promote their websites.

Attracta is the world’s largest SEO service.  Over one million websites use the Attracta suite of tools to increase their traffic search traffic.

Attracta’s Free SEO Tools include:

  • 1,000 page XML Sitemap Submission to Google, Yahoo!, Bing and Ask
  • Google Blacklist Check
  • Link Building Tools
  • Social Networking Tools
  • SEO Tips and Tutorials

Website owners who want more traffic can upgrade to paid plans that include automated SEO Tools and XML Sitemap submission, along with guaranteed listings in up to 100 of the world’s top search engines.

“Attracta is one of the first third party integrations to ever to be bundled in cPanel” said Aaron Philips, cPanel VP of Operations.  “Every website needs traffic, and since Attracta’s XML Sitemap technology has proven to work well for our customers, it only made sense to include it as a core feature of our control panel software”.

“cPanel is the world’s most popular Web Hosting automation.  When two industry leaders join forces the market benefits by having greater access to technology that helps both websites owners and web hosts become more successful” said Troy McCasland, VP of Business Development for Attracta.

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