Does your website push visitors away?

Posted by Andrei on June 24, 2016 in Web Design

These days everybody can have a website and if you own a business, small or big, then you should have an online presence. But, as you probably already knew, there are thousands of websites competing for online visitors or customers. How can your website stand out? How do your visitors see your website? Do they think it’s boring?

It’s very important not to scare away or bore your visitors. So, if you experience a trend of low traffic or sparse sales, then you should watch for the following signs and take the appropriate action if you notice any on your website.

Your website doesn’t have many images. As humans we need to visualize in order to better understand what are we reading about. So, if your website comes with images in short supply, then this is probably one of the reason your customers are pushed away. Try to use images and videos as much as you can, this way you can grab the attention of your visitors more easily.

Your website isn’t responsive. If this is the case, then tablet and mobile phone users cannot browse it. This can’t be good. We live in a mobile era, where more and more customers use their phone or tablet to surf the web or purchase things. Having to deal with poorly-formatted pages means your mobile users will leave your website in a second.

Too much content. Big chunks of text will probably drive your visitors away. Nowadays, people don’t have time to read lengthy blocks of text, they just want to know if your website is worth their attention or not. So, besides your blog articles, all the content of your website should be short and to the point. As we said before, photos and videos not only keep the visitors interested, but also do a great job of breaking apart the text, if you need to have pages with large quantities of written content. But, you should just stick to telling your visitors what they need to know, without trailing off topic.

Your website has a high bounce rate. A bounce rate tells you how many users that visited your site left without accessing any other pages. That means they come, they saw and then they left. That’s not good. High bounce rates are a sign you don’t want to ignore. It’s an indicator that your landing page or website is boring.

Your website isn’t original. We know, is difficult not to copy something that is so inspiring. It’s only normal to appreciate another website and then want your website to look that great. But, you want your website to be original, and for that you need to adjust, bend and twist a design you like so that in the end it will represent you or your business. Just figure out what makes it unique and put that into your online designs and texts. Most of the times, for that to happen you need to hire the right people. Those people have to understand your company and how the web world is working.

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