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Posted by Andrei on October 04, 2011 in WordPress

If you want to keep your blog visitors up to date with your latest posts you should consider adding a WordPress RSS feed button to your blog, it’s nice and easy to do and here’s how you go about adding it.

 Create your WordPress RSS button feed code

Firstly get your code snippet ready that you need to add, with the sample below all you need to do is edit the WordPress RSS feed URL for your blog. WordPress creates an RSS feed automatically so it’s there just waiting for you to use, you just need to add /feed/rss to your blog URL.  For example ours is http://ukwebsolutionsdirect.co.uk/blog/feed/rss

<a href=”URL-TO-RSS-FEED”><img src=”http://ukwebsolutionsdirect.co.uk/img/misc/rss-button.gif”></a>


That will display the following image for your RSS feed:



Add the WordPress RSS feed button to your blog

Now you’re got your code ready it’s time to add it to your blog:

From your WordPress admin, click on Appearance and then Editor

This will take you to the theme editor, now from here it really depends on where you want to add the RSS feed button, a good choice is the sidebar, all you need to do is open the template of your choice and add the code where you want the image displayed.


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