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Posted by Andrei on October 24, 2013 in WordPress

It is possible to make a website by yourself, with some knowledge of HTML, widgets and plugins, but you can choose a web designer to make it for you. If you choose a designer, he will probably know what theme to choose for your website, but if you decide to make it alone, you need to know a few things about the themes in WordPress. It is one of the most important parts of website developing, as it has effects on the entire evolution of your website. Let’s see why.

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What is the WordPress theme?

You can think about the WordPress theme as a suit for your website. It is the first thing that is observed by a visitor and this is why webmasters always want it to be nice, to look good, and to fit in with the subject of the website. Here, the developers have several options, with their advantages and disadvantages:


Free WordPress Themes

If you have the curiosity to browse the themes in WordPress, you will discover literally thousands of free options. Some of them look absolutely fine, so you would ask yourself: “Why should I pay money for a theme as long as the free ones are just as good?” The answer is simple: because the paid themes are better.

They have more options, widgets and customizing options, as well as methods for modification. However, the most important aspect is uniqueness. Even if there are thousands of themes, there are also millions of websites already made with that theme. Moreover, if you need to create a financial website, you will probably go for a free financial theme, which has been used by thousands of website before yours.


Paid WordPress Themes

The paid themes for WordPress have one disadvantage: they cost money. We’re not talking a lot of money here so if you want something good then it’s worth spending that money. There are some free themes that are better than the paid ones, so the fact that you pay does not mean that you will surely benefit of quality. Let’s see what aspects you should consider before paying for a theme:

The subject – as long as you pay for a theme, you should make sure that it is suited for your website. Let’s assume that you need to create a virtual store. For this, you will need a theme that allows shopping carts, advanced payment methods, SSL certificates and the possibility to manage a large database. This is why the strategy and the structure of the website are established before choosing the theme, which will be in concordance with those requirements.

Customisation features – even if the theme is paid, it has been used before. Maybe it was not used thousands of times like the free ones, but there are many sites that have it. The only way to make sure that your website is unique is to find a theme with many customisation possibilities. This refers to the aspect, the widgets that are required, and the plugins that will ensure the background (functionality) of the website.

Those are only the basics of choosing the theme for a new website. Once the theme is chosen, customising and changing it with the goal of obtaining a solid website, is another important and complicated stage of website developing.

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