Securing your WordPress Install

Posted by Andrei on September 30, 2011 in WordPress

WordPress is probably the most popular blogging application out there and is used by both personal and business users. It works great right out of the box and you can customise your WordPress install until your heart is content, by adding plugins, themes and then tweaking the themes to fit your requirements.

The WordPress web application uses databases to store it’s data, with our web hosting that’s MySQL, some of this data could be sensitive information so it’s critical that you ensure that you do what you can to protect it.

Keep your WordPress install up to date

This is a simple and easy task and it’s critical that it’s done to keep your install secure and up to date. If there’s an available update you will see it when you login to your WordPress admin panel, updating is simply a click and go operation, it couldn’t be easier!

WordPress backups

Being the great web hosting providers that we are, we backup your data for you but we also recommend that you take your own backups as well.  There’s a great WordPress plugin for taking regular database backups, it’s called WP-DB-Backup and is available as a free download.

Additional WordPress security

Install Login lockDown. Login LockDown records the IP address and timestamp of every failed login attempt. If more than a certain number of attempts are detected within a short period of time from the same IP range, then the login function is disabled for all requests from that range. This helps to prevent brute force password discovery.

Install WP Security Scan. WP Security Scan checks your WordPress website/blog for security vulnerabilities and suggests corrective actions such as:

    • Passwords
    • File permissions
    • Database security
    • Version hiding
    • WordPress admin protection/security
    • Removes WP Generator META tag from core code

Perfect WordPress Hosting

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