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Posted by Andrei on October 18, 2011 in WordPress

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If you’re reading this then it’s pretty safe to assume that you’ve installed WordPress on your web hosting account and are looking to make it look a bit more attractive. The default theme that comes with WordPress is OK however that’s exactly what it is, default and if you want your blog to stand out then so does the design.

For the vast majority of WordPress bloggers the only option is to install an existing theme as not everyone has the ability to design and implement their own.  So now you have two options, you can either pay for a theme or you can install a free WordPress theme.

Free WordPress themes

Who said that there’s nothing in life is free? Here’s a link to some FREE wordpress themes:


There’sa huge selection to choose from and there’s many other websites out there dedicated to providing free WordPress themes, just give it a search on Google and you will most certainly find something suitable for free.


Paid WordPress themes

You can either pay a web designer to code you a custom theme that will be unique or you can purchase a theme that’s been designed and sold to the masses, I don’t see the need to pay for a theme unless you are getting a unique design but that’s entirely up to you as it all depends on what you’re looking for. Paying for a custom theme is certainly worth it if you’re looking to integrate the blog into an existing website, the cost will vary but you can have this done for around £300-500 typically.

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