How to get support issues resolved ASAP

Posted by Andrei on September 01, 2011 in Web Hosting

When a customer opens a web hosting support ticket our aim is to help that customer as quickly as possible, in order for us to do so it’s important that when you submit your support ticket that you include as much information as possible so that we can diagnose and fix your issue quickly.

Here’s a quick breakdown of information that’s required for most support tickets:

#1 Domain name

Your domain name is the most important thing to include in your support ticket, without this we don’t know which website you need help with.  Our support team receive high volumes of tickets without this piece of information and it slows down the resolve time as we have to fire back an email asking you to let us know the domain name, then await your response.

#2 Provide as much information as possible

Providing as much detail on the problem as possible is going to reduce the need for us asking further questions. For example a support ticket detailing the problem simply as “my email is not working” is going to lead to us asking some questions to get a bit more information such as:

1) Is it sending of email that isn’t working, receiving or even both?

2) do you see any error messages? If so please include these in full as they do have meaning and will help. Screenshots are great in this scenario as it saves you time typing the full error message out.

#3 Step-by-step guide to reproduce the error

If it’s an error to a specific section of your website or page, we will need step-by-step instructions on how to reproduce this problem. This way we can test the issue, apply a fix and then test it’s all working without having to message back and forth asking you to test it again.


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