Simple ways to measure customers satisfaction

Posted by Andrei on September 06, 2016 in How To's

Most of the time, you can’t count on your customers to give you any kind of feedback. Some of them see no reason to contact a certain service provider while others want to pass their complaints. But if you wonder how satisfied are your customers and want to find out exactly how they feel about […]

How to measure social media traffic

Posted by Andrei on August 04, 2016 in How To's

Social media is incredibly important these days, it can change the way you look at your business. But to know how to implement the right social media strategy gives you the leverage you need. To achieve great results, you have to put all into your social media campaigns. And one of the best ways to […]

Learn from failed websites and blogs

Posted by Andrei on July 28, 2016 in How To's

One of the best way we can learn is from other businesses failure. An important step in creating your website or blog is to review your competition. Sometimes, even the biggest companies fail and is vital to avoid the same mistakes. If you’re trying to be a successful blogger or business owner, start learning from the […]

Do you have a crash plan for your website?

Posted by Andrei on July 06, 2016 in How To's, Web Hosting

Are you prepared for the worst? What measure will you take if your website goes down for a couple of hours? We are aware that fully preventing outages isn’t possible, yet if you plan and careful select the right technology and hosting partners, your website can protect itself against unnecessary downtime. Having a crash strategy […]

How to choose the right domain name

Posted by Andrei on June 17, 2016 in Domain Names, How To's

If you want to have a website or a blog the first step is to choose the right domain name. After you’ve selected a great name for your domain, you need to choose a good registrar and a domain extension. Then, it’s about how much you’re willing to spend for the domain name. Yes, we […]

Do you know how to make the most of your site Error Pages?

Posted by Andrei on June 09, 2016 in cPanel, How To's

Everybody knows what error pages are. It can happen to any website, links break, servers go down, pages get lost and your visitors end up on the 404 page – a standard response code in HTTP telling the user, in effect, that they’ve clicked on a broken link. This has always been an immense source […]

Prevent a WordPress Backdoor Exploit Hack

Posted by Andrei on May 25, 2016 in How To's, WordPress

Everybody wants to prevent and stop their WordPress site from being hacked. And even though we all know how superior and beloved this platform is, WordPress security still has a long way to go. One kind of hacking is when your account is accessed by another admin but you don’t see that person listed. Backdoor exploit is the […]

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